Business English


    Assig. rules:

  • Delay in presenting or submitting assign. will cause you to lose 30% of the score.
  • Documents in soft copy format should be delivered in time to the instructor's email.
  • Comply with the naming rule of the soft copy, ie. regNo-full name-doc title.doc(x)/.ppt(x)
1 March 2nd Role-play: Customer service at京东客服的一天) grp 1
2 March 9 Role-play: Brand introduction by salesperson(柜台品牌介绍,向亲临顾客推荐实体产品) grp 2
3 March 16 Role-play: Business travelling(公司经理出差开会,秘书助理安排行程及登机协助) grp 3
4 March 23 Role-play: Advertising (挑选一款喜爱的商品,编排一则电视直销广告) grp 4
5 April 30 Role-play: Company recruitment (公司人力资源部门主管招聘大学毕业生)
Spoken English test
grp 5
6 April 6 Role-play: Import/Export discussion (公司海外贸易部门会议,就是否要将某一款产品销往某境外国家进行讨论) grp 6
7 April 13 Role-play: Innovative product (新品发布会上的采访,以访谈公司营销部门负责人形式) grp 7
8 April 20 Role-play: The proper way of communicating with your boss, your colleagues and your clients (与上级、同事、客户如何沟通、交流过程中的礼节) grp 8
9 April 27 Role-play: Debate—For profit or for customers? (辩论:企业以利润还是客户利益为中心?) grp 9


Correspondence writing

  • 20 sentences frequently used in daily business scenarios for memorization
  • 20 sentences as assig. to be distributed before class discussion

Instruction / Manual / Guide

Complaint letter writing

Available Assignment topics

  • The story of company A
  • Why university students prefer A store to B store
  • Innovation inside vs outside of the corporation?
  • Customers as our God or as our friends?
  • How to polish your CV without going back to school?